two bodies

two locations, one brief, one architect. city halls for two very diferent places. one is zagreb- capital city - croatia, and the other is pancevo - mid sized city - serbia, at that time both part of yugoslavia.
the architect responsible was kazimir ostrogovic. both buildings, for various reasons, were not finished completely and are missing some parts. in zagreb the ``tower`` is missing and in pancevo a part of the project was sliced.
a team was formed and together we took on the task of completing the ideal building! the finished building was represented trough photographs and video. the video, shot at both locations, is giving a tour trough the building and is documentary. the photographs took on a different role. one roll of film was used, first exposed at one site, than transported-smuggled to and used on other location. this was the visual construction of an ideal building.
with iva maria juric, dorian mandzukic, hrib aleksandar

instalation 2010 - 2011
video 15` loop, photographs