sun dog


2012 - 2013


two hawks, two fishes
sun dog
hunting with my father

first segment
two hawks, two fishes
dom omladine beograd february

the starting point are archival materials and photographic documentation of the construction of the international trade fair in lagos, nigeria, built by energoprojekt.
The yugoslav company built this during the ``golden years`` for the government of Nigeria. This project was one of many which were connected with the activities of the nonaligned movement and the role of yugoslavia in this movement.
From this there are two points of reference
first- the communication and exchange between lagos and belgrade relayed on mutual respect, the people that worked on this project went to lagos with a very clear task, to give their expertise and knowledge. This was done not for love, but for money, but with the starting point that the company was there to do its part never forgetting that they have a return ticket. It was there to do work for the interest of the client. In this means a relationship with no hidden agendas and based on mutual respect.
The complex is realized as a prefab construction, totaling seven different elements of prefab concrete. The project is realized by a team of architects, where everyone was given a plot/circle for development. All objects are built using the same blocks and elements, resulting in different forms.
Second- this architectural concept can be called, even today, as very modern and advanced. The complex, which was once on the periphery, is now eaten by the city. The yugoslav urbanism of circles and triangles generated a new system of semi-formal objects which follow its geometry.
The installation has three segments.
1- archival documentation, provided by zoran bojovic, the architect
2- study of the spatial model based on the prefab elements. These blocks are used as found objects, for the construction of a new model/form. Virtual, generated trough a script, it is tentative and changeable, is is working with the versatile nature of the building strategy, rendering it modern and applicable anywhere.
3-video segment. The idea of the line of exchange and movements, which implies coming-sharing-returning is observed trough a repetition of one action. Crossing a bridge, always in the same direction, trough a period of one year. It is implied that in order to cross it again, one must return back and start the transition again. This crossing and movement means that one is going towards someone, something repeatedly. This journey implies two sides, and the idea of movement and above all timing and duration is not experienced the same. The experience of what they shared is not the same.