endocept, a state which characterizes strong, but inarticulate emotions, where a person is in a breach of confusing and abstract thoughts, while endocet is strong pain medicament.
the building block - video, duration circa 10 min, follows a string of everyday actions: showering/hygiene, breakfast/food, driving a car/mobility, going to the supermarket/shopping, playing video-games/entertainment. the daily routine of a depersonalized character that does not include the presence of the other, that is to say it excludes society.
in spatial therms, the field in front of the projection is covered with sensors- cameras through-which the observers becomes integrated in the work. by moving their hands the observers alter the image and sound, directly transforming the work, which then takes on a different shape. the projection is realized on a modular panel, plates.
the shot footage here is used as building material, as something which is constantly being changed, scratched, edited, in real-time, in the end becoming something spatial, a source of light.
bugzzz – jelena maksimovic nemanja trecakovic marko salapura

text vladimir bjelicic

o3one belgrade 2012