carried bodies

for buildings, there are two points of excitement, two points in time when miracles could happen.
when its being built and when it is closed.
hotel sloboda/freedom was privately owned, then nationalised, then privatized, and finally closed. its location in the city center means that at some point it will be transformed. for now it stands, locked, waiting.
during a period of six months i worked in the hotel. my actions were 1-to document the current state of the building and 2-to construct a tentative spatial structure within it. the structure used the integrity of the existing building and its instructions in matters of scale.
this personal time spent in the hotel and these actions are presented in the form of a journal or archive, compromised of video footage and photographs of the temporal insert. the structure is gone and i no longer have the keys.

installation 2010 - 2011
video 10` 20`` loop, photographs 20x30 cm