101, 1:100, 1:1

exhibition design 2014

la biennale di venezia- 14. mostra internazionale di architettura
national participants- serbian pavilion

100 + 1 works of architecture, made in serbia between 1914 and 2014

100 are presented in the central room. the selection is based on the critical acclaim at the time each project was made illustrating how our society and architectural profession valued its contemporary production.

1 project is set apart. in 1961 a daring design by vjenceslav richter was chosen for the building of the museum of the revolution of yugoslav nations and ethnic minorities.
in his expose, richter stated that the purpose of the museum is to safeguard the truth about us. over decades, changes of site, financing and legislature led to delays and the eventual abandonment of the project. the foundations and underground level of the museum remain, a testament to the tribulations of yugoslav and serbian society of the past half-century.
collective effort with andrea palasti, jelena radonjic, igor sladoljev, hrib aleksandar, zlatko nikolic, srdjan keca

photos by relja ivanic